We provide our customers with uninterrupted supplies of top-quality imported goods and offer a full range of services for importing products to Sweden: from searching for manufacturers of the required goods abroad and concluding contracts with them, to clearing goods and delivering them to the customer’s warehouse. We always strictly adhere to the delivery time agreed with the customer, and during the transportation itself we ensure full compliance with all norms and requirements.
Due to the high qualifications and experience of our employees, direct relations with foreign suppliers and manufacturers of goods, as well as good partnerships with the world’s largest logistics operators, we manage to be a competitive supplier in the Swedish market.


Our product range is very diverse. We interact with more than two hundred manufacturers and suppliers and deliver products from dozens of countries around the world, offering our customers only the best products.

Saunas assembled from the manufacturer and accessories.
An integral part of the life of every person is rest in saunas. It is very useful for the human body. We supply this type of product in full compliance with the conditions of transportation and storage to ensure moisture and consumer qualities of this product, as well as the installation of this product
Prefabricated frame houses.
This group includes custom manufacturing, delivery to the consumer and assembly of ecological frame houses, which make life more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Our company is pleased to offer a product for those who value the environment in their lives. Our experts are always ready to advise and professionally assist in the delivery, assembly and installation of this product. With us you save your time – your production tasks are solved quickly and efficiently ..
Turnkey camping houses
The finished house does not need any construction licenses and, apart from not being a permanent structure, looks beautiful.
No permanent foundation needed, and it can be installed also on the dais - decking on piles, decking above the water, on the pontoon bridge.
The house can be easily moved to a new place.
House arrangement on the functional dais with carry-over – a terrace prepared on the site of house installation allows arranging outdoor furniture, charcoal brazier or barbecue, sunshade and other options of additional comfort.


Our company provides warehouse services for unloading, loading and storage of your goods. The warehouse is located in a favorable logistic location near Stolgolm. Equipped from Stollholm and Nineshamn seaport. The warehouse is located near the highway E4 / E20. The warehouse area is 400 m2. Inside there is heating, security and offices.